Why Install WordPress3 or What’s New in WP3?

WOW!!! The long expected WordPress 3.0 came out few days ago, instead of the planned 1st May release it was delivered almost together with the Football World Cup.

All excited I did install it on my local server to see what’s new in WP3. I must say I was very impressed with the new installer, the Twenty Ten theme, custom post types, WordPress Multi User features (which I haven’t tried but sound fantastic to have WPMU added in as a bonus) and other great stuff.

Installation – The New WP3 Installer

The new WordPress 3.0 comes with a great new installer, which allows to specify the username and password during the installation process. Now why is this a great time saver?

The username should be always changed for security reasons from the default “admin” to a custom name. Before, I would install WP, then in phpMyAdmin going to wp-users table and changing the username, then re-logging in using the new username and then changed the random generated password in the WP Admin. Now all this is done in 1 step. Well done!

install wp3

Upgrading to WP3

Upgrading is a no-brainer, altho a bit annoying regular activity, but for the past security issues with old WP installs I wouldn’t hesitate upgrading always when there is a new version available.

I did try upgrading couple sites and all without any problems. I don’t use the automatic upgrades tho, so my experience is limited only to the manual upgrading from 2.9… to 3.0 (Which is the best procedure anyway).

I did backup DB beforehand just in case anything goes wrong, de-activated all plugins and just then replaced the old source files with the new ones and again activated the plugins back.
This way the upgrade did run smoothly and it’s well done WP again!

Twenty Ten – The New WP Default Theme

Another great gift from the WP team is the new Twenty Ten theme which we already know from WordPress.com. This theme is highly customizable and has some nice features like drop down menus, built-in support for child themes, two sidebar widget areas and four footer widget areas.

The 2 old default themes are no longer present, but there is a new Install Themes button which in seconds gives you a choice of thousands themes. Here definitely from me, well done again!

wp3 twenty ten theme

The New WP Admin

The new admin comes in “silver” tones style which is very similar to the previous darker one, but me personally just likes better the old one. Sorry, not very excited here…

There are some nice features tho, like the ability to manage comments also from particular Post’s admin area, with the new Twenty Ten theme there are some great features like the Menus admin page, 6 widgetized areas, Backgrounds & Header also editable in the Appearance section. Featured Image section was also added to the sidebar in the Pages & Posts admin.

There is lots more for you to discover, so I would definitely download a copy from wordpress.org and give it a try.