Webdesign in Plain English ?

Lately I’ve been looking into some EU legal stuff on the internet and I must admit it took me ages to get my head around certain things. As if all the information was intended only for the insiders and everyone else needs to take a law course to be able to read the articles.
I did really appreciate when I came across some sources where the same stuff was explained in simple layman terms!!!. Honestly it was a great relief.

And I realized this blog might actually be giving same impression to people who are not web designers or developers and only looking for a simple solution to their simple problem. People who might not have a budget to hire someone and need to sort their stuff themselves. I did make up my mind to take this on as a challenge and will try to write from now on about webdesign in Plain English. Osu! I’ll do my best!!!

  • gsr

    Looking forward…