Deleted Post in RSS Feed – WordPress and FeedBurner

Recently I needed to validate a WordPress blog in a social media service by inserting the verification code into a new post and publishing it. It all went well and in few minutes I could remove the post.

feedburner logoI have “unpublished it” (Draft), but the post would still show in the RSS feed, so I did go further and finally deleted the post. However the deleted post was still present in the feed served via the FeedBurner.

Headed over to the FeedBurner settings trying to “remove the feed item” and found in the Troubleshootize section a link to ping the FeedBurner (
Ping FeedBurner

Unfortunately that didn’t help either and I was left with the last “nuclear” option – Resyncing the feed.

feedburner resync

That did the job and the feed was finally as it should. Hope this helps someone…

  • sdratner

    this is what happened to me, but was able to fix it by pinging feedburner